Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beulah comes HOME!

They had to walk her down their steep driveway...

 I can't tell you how happy we are.
Aaron has been doing a work trade for some friends for a long time to get us this cow.
And we are so happy.
I think I am falling on love with my BARN!
Which isn't good because it is rotten...
 Today I made yogurt and Paneer. And washed a LOT of jars!
 It feels good to be back under a cow...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Katie and the kids came down to play with the lambs and babysit so Aaron and I could GO OUT! 
it was GREAT!
we went creek walkin'!
Jacob is showing off some moves I think!

I can't seem to figure this new blogger scene out, but oh I will.  It seems like I'll be able to post more pictures! so watch out! 
 This big plant is MINT! Katie picked a bunch and we went home and made lemonade with mint! so refreshing on such a HOT DAY!
they really do look like twins!
Ada LOVES Jacob!
Jacob got a little tent made by Uncle Aaron and Aunt Elizabeth
Ada Ruth loved it TOO! 
We went fishing as a family on Memorial Day.
It was REALLY sweet.
Picnic lunch and all...
David is learning to cast!
We found an amazing and sweet spot to go hang out. We will return there, many times. I can just tell! 
My planters have hopefully survived the cat damage!

Monday, May 14, 2012

almost a MONTH!

wow. it's been a while again...
I do love this blog, but something about the time it takes me just gets me down a bit.
although I don't take ANY time to do any sort of "babybook" for David and Ada, so this is my stand in.
Therefore I should be posting ALL THE TIME!
those kids are so sweet and cute it hurts.
but then our camera is broken. 
so there is that.
here are some shots from long ago.
sweet times with Tia and Joe.
and LAMBS!

lots of lambs...

Monday, April 16, 2012

A visit from our cousins!

We had SO MUCH FUN with our cousins last week - or was it TWO weeks ago!?
Eeek - it was two weeks ago.
Katie, Jacob and Annie Kathleen came for a nice long visit and those kids got right into the swing of farm life real quick.
Here are David and Annie getting ready to do chores in our pajamas -
which is a fun way to do it if I do say so myself!
Annie Kathleen quickly became the queen of the barn... Check out the girl in her boots. too cute! She took her responsibilities very seriously and I really miss her help. She's a really good milk replacer mixer.

David had fun showing the kids what to do and Jacob was a great all around helper.
He'd take those kids in that wagon where ever I told him to. SO FUN!
Jacob's real work turned out to be becoming Ada's best friend and greatest protector.
AND making sure everyone did a good job brushing their teeth!
We had some nice picnics and played at the park...
We also took a good trip down to Iowa to see the Waites and GG Tigan, which Katie has the best pictures of.
Check out Annie Kathleen;s farm girl style. Eat your heart out Adelaide Soule!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

on forgetting

I was thinking the other day that I am going to forget things.
and of course I don't want to, and to even think about it makes me sad...
of course there are things I will remember, and of course I should be writing things down.
and of course there are things that I have already forgotten!
David is such a sweet boy. he loves his sister and his papa and me so much.
he is so thoughtful and polite. his heart is so true. he saw a dead chicken the other day and cried about it for some time... maybe next time it will be easier, maybe he'll be more prepared...
I'm not really one for taking lots of videos, although I certainly have... I have a LOT of pictures, after this I will back up my computer...
because I already have ONE hard drive sitting there waiting to be unlocked for less that $1000...
he used to call her "Addie".
He says "machel syrup".
he says "I sure CAN!"
he says "I wanna hold you"...
so many little things.

and then of course too the sweet girl,

who will become a solid little pillar of toughness and love...
well, she is already really.
she sure takes her brother's rough love well, most of the time.
I've seen the little screeamer already a little bit.
she's just cutting teeth, learning to eat AND to cuddle all at the same time.
so that seems good.
she loves that brother and her papa SO.MUCH.
I try not to get jealous, because I know we will all have our own relationships...
she's totally my honey...

Monday, February 20, 2012

is it Spring already!?

Ada does not seem at all concerned with the man in the trees...
he loves it up there! I think the view must be amazing!
The apple trees are looking REALLY good!
Just woken up face... so sweet.
be still my heart, that boy is my heart.

helping! (I stopped him RIGHT before he uncovered the strawberries - that are still sleeping...
Sometimes I just want to post pictures, but then I remember that this is more than just pictures... it's stories too...
We are in full preparation for the coming SPRING! Even though it feels like it hit yesterday when we were sitting on the ground and having a good burn pile. I think it might snow tonight!
The action is really happening with David these days, he's a great helper and explorer.
He's learning to climb things and is also learning to RUN!!!
Do you remember how exciting this was?
It's hard to remember until you see it happening to a little...
and then it's clear as DAY!
Running!!! YES!!!
Oh the delight in that boy.
and there is sass. most definitely sass, but
so. much. love. too.
what an awesome weekend and welcoming to Spring!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ada Ruth is 6 months old!!!

I just had to go ahead and post a bunch of pictures.
Our sweet girl.
What a light you are to our lives...

And really... have you ever seen such a sweet and good looking boy, that is not already your sweet son!?
He was really mad at me while I was taking these...
but you can HARDLY tell!

what is that thing he is doing with his feet!?
this kid is FULL of personality!